Abundant Black Health for Men & Boys

*Disclaimer:  Abundant Black Health programs are for educational purposes in supporting your health journey and should not substitute guidance from your medical professionals.

Abundant Black Health provides online Health & Wellness Courses designed by our Black Men health experts to promote healthy living for Black Men & Boys.

Health & Wellness for Black Men & Boys - Course Flow:

  • Each course includes 3-modules during a 6-weeks period that focuses on holistic Black health and wellness. Modules include group Health & Wellness Check-Ins that are:

    1. Comprised of small groups of 3-6 Black Men and Boys age 13+ who self-identify as family members/friends/loved ones,
    2. Held bi-weekly/every-other-week, on a day and time that is best for your group of loved ones,
    3. Held in-person or virtual, whichever is best for your group of loved ones,
    4. Each Health & Wellness Check-In is approximately 30-45 minutes,
    5. All groups of loved ones who register for a course join Abundant Black Health staff/health experts virtually for a collective mid-course Health & Wellness Check-In and an in-person end-of-course celebration!
  • Each course has a specific Black health and wellness theme, and Abundant Black Health mails to each participant a resource (i.e. health journal, water bottle, yoga mat, massage gun, incense, skin care products, toothbrush and floss, sacred crystals, books, candles) that is related to the course theme so as to support your health practices.

  • Every other week, Abundant Black health experts email the following to your group of loved ones:

    1. A Health & Wellness Check-In video to serve as an example of a family conversation centering the module topic,
    2. A template of questions to help guide your family Health & Wellness Check-In,
    3. An inspirational health video,
    4. An exercise video,
    5. A relevant article, podcast, or video.
  • The following are examples of themes for our Health & Wellness Courses (listed in no particular order):

    • I Love Me: Connecting more deeply with myself as I develop and achieve my health goals
    • Boys to Men, Black Health 101: Basic health realities and health maintenance recommendations for Black Boys 13+ and Black Men in various stages of the life cycle
    • Rest & De-stress: Ways throughout each day that Black Men and Boys can chill/lay our burdens down
    • Sick: Natural care remedies and recommendations for a cold or flu
    • Eating to Love & Live: Ways to achieve/maintain healthy eating
    • My Reproductive Health Matters! Envision, write down, share, and manifest our individual plans for our own health and for the health of our family.
    • Healthy Movement for Movers & Shakers: Exercise guidance for Black Men & Boys with varying levels of physical ability
    • I love my SMILE: Ways to achieve/maintain dental health
    • We Got Us: How to advocate for Black Boys & Men in healthcare settings
    • LET’S CELEBRATE: Holding substantive space to share our own and each other’s health celebrations
    • Healing My Mind: Ways for Black Men & Boys to achieve/maintain mental health
    • How the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Impacting Black People: Sharing our experiences, grieving, healing, celebrating Abundant Black Life
  • At the end of each Health & Wellness Course, Abundant Black Health hosts an in-person health celebration for participants to meet other families who completed the course, discuss various aspects of their course experiences, and celebrate Black health.

Through our health and wellness courses, Abundant Black Health provides sustained sacred space filled with loving expertise, encouragement, and resources from Black health experts to address the specific health realities and needs of Black Men and Boys. The cost for each course is a $17 per person with partial scholarships available.

Our Spring 2024 Health & Wellness Course entitled, "I Love Me: Connecting More Deeply With Myself as I Develop and Achieve My Health Goals" is SOLD OUT for both Men & Boys! and Women & Girls!! Soon Abundant Black Health will open registration for our next Health & Wellness Course. Please join our mailing list below to receive course registration updates!